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screenplay_aa63THE SCRIPT ANALYST offers analysis and advice for screenwriters eager to perfect their work before marketing it.


“Script Doctor” – “Script Consultant” – “Script Coverage.” Whatever the term, it boils down to this: even the best screenwriters need a second opinion – an objective analysis of strengths and weaknesses – before sending their script into the marketplace – where even a good idea can meet rejection if it is not polished to perfection.

THE SCRIPT ANALYST can help you avoid this fate. We will read you screenplay and provide useful feedback in the form of written and/or verbal coverage. This coverage analysizes your script in terms of its premise, plot, characterization, dialogue, and writing style. A General Analysis, providing a general overview of your script, runs one page. A Detailed Analysis goes into more depth, running four pages. Scene-Specific Notes cite specific examples. Proofreading insures that your script will not be marred by typographical and grammatical errors.

How much coverage you need depends on how confident you feel in your script. Whatever package you choose, you will receive the critical perspective you need to fine tune your screenplay before you submit it.

The SERVICES page shows our price list, along with a more detailed description of the different options; here, you can order services on-line with your credit card via PayPal. The SUBMISSIONS page provides information on getting your script to us, by mail or e-mail. If you prefer to pay by check, you may still e-mail your script to us, or you may include a hard copy along with your payment.


Our high-quality, professional analysis will pinpoint weak spots and offer solutions. The costs of making and mailing copies of your script can reach hundreds of dollars. Before taking this step, it make sense to ensure your script is as good as it can be. Check out our list of SERVICES AND PRICES; we are sure you will find one that suits your needs.


There are many people out there who call themselves “script readers” or “story analysts” or “script doctors.” Some charge exorbitant fees for meagre coverage; others spend weeks nit-picking trivial details, missing the forest for the trees. Many are convinced they know how to write your script better than you do, offering not advice but collaboration. (You should ask yourself, “Why aren’t they writing their own scripts instead of rewriting mine?”)

At THE SCRIPT ANALYST, we cut to the chase! You get the essential fundamental that you need – fast, affordable, in-depth insight. We do not rewrite your screenplay to suit ourselves; we help you make your script into what you want it to be. Whether it is a Hollywood blockbuster, an esoteric art film, or low-brow exploitation – we want you to achieve your goals and “get the writing right before you submit your script.”


In a nutshell, whatever services you require. From our a la carte menu, you can pick and choose the options that suit you best. We can provide General Analysis for those simply seeking a second opintion before submitting their script professionally, or we can provide Detailed Analysis for those contemplating a major rewrite. In addition, we offer phone consultations, proofreading, page-by-page notes, and options for follow-up coverage. After you have made revisions based on our coverage, you can even resubmit your script for a second read – at a reduced price!

Find all of these options on our Order Services page. If you want something that is not listed, just ask for it!



“Thank you for the coverage. More than worth the [price], you have pointed out some valid issues that my usual contacts overlooked, with your notes this will definitely be a stronger script. I will certainly be returning for a follow-up session.” – Shane C.